Do you have an existing business?

If you're thinking of going into a particular business or not sure yet what exactly you want to do, what sounds more appealing to you?

What is your startup budget (including available loans and credit cards you can use for making purchases and funding your business)?

For an online business, what sounds most appealing to you?

What sounds better to you as a way to make $10,000 a month?

What better describes you?

Does your business primarily sell offline or online?

Is your business mostly B2B (you sell to businesses) or B2C (you sell to consumers)?

Do you have a website?

Do you feel that your website is getting you enough leads and ranking consistently at the top of page 1 of the search engines for the best search terms?

Have you ever run paid ads online like through Facebook?

Were you paid ads profitable for you?

How much traffic do you get to your website or business each month on average? So if 25,000 visitors per month, enter it as 25000.

What is your average conversion rate of a visitor to a sale? So if 25%, enter it as 25.

What is the price of the most commonly sold product / service you have? Give an exact estimate and not a range. So if $50, enter it as 50.

What is the price of the highest priced product or service that you sell? Give an exact estimate and not a range. So if $5,000, enter it as 5000.

How many upsells (an upsell is an additional offer you present immediately after someone buys), if any, do you have?

How much do you typically sell of your upsells on average per front end buyer? So if you have a $10 offer, a $20 / month upsell offer, and a $100 upsell offer, since not all buyers buy everything, on average you might make $40 (or whatever). If you're not sure, answer with your best guess. So if $40, write 40.

How many different front-end offers / products do you sell?

Do you have an e-mail mailing list / autoresponder?

Do you have a blog or site that you post articles or content to regularly?

How many times a year do you run "special offers" (like discounts or limited time deals) to your existing customers and prospects?

What, in your view, is your biggest problem that is preventing you from making sales and making as much money as you want?

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As a whole:

Not including upsells, you are making around $ / month.

However, we feel that you are leaving a lot of money on the table in the following areas. If you follow these recommendations, you can quickly increase your business profits.

Increase your targeted traffic: Just 1,000 more visitors a month would mean you would make an additional $ extra per month.

Target your higher end prospects more: $ left on the table by simply getting a couple more high end sales each week instead of focusing only on your smaller end ones.

It looks like you want to start a business, but just aren't sure what you want to start yet. The rest of these questions are more geared towards those either with an existing business or looking to start a specific one that they have in mind.

However, if you're brand new and don't have a business to start, it can save a lot of time by doing one or both of two things:

1. Our research has shown that most people who try to start a business from scratch either never get it started or fail miserably once they do. The people who succeed quickly and profitably while building a solid business that do well for many years usually start by cloning a business that's already proven to get stellar results. We have a system in place that will allow you to do that and make up to $1,500 per lead. To find out more about that, click below to watch our free instant webinar on how to stealthfully promote almost anything, including our pre-made sales funnel, easily:

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2. Sell web promotion services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), leads, traffic, PR services, etc. to any of the millions of businesses who need them even if you know NOTHING about any of those now... or use all of these things for your own future business. Either way, you can learn how to do all that and more by watching our free webinar here on just that:

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It sounds like you're interested in selling web promotion services for $1,000+ to other businesses without having to be a techie or knowing much in that area. There are lots of web promotion services that businesses are willing to pay a lot for like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), schema making services, lead finders, social media management, etc..

Even if you know nothing about these, there are a couple tools that could help you do just that, which you can learn more about below:

WebFire 3.0*** CLICK HERE *** to see how you can automate things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), traffic and lead generation, social media management, etc. to use for your own products, affiliate offers, or for selling these services to others.

Macroleads*** CLICK HERE *** to see how you can get nearly unlimited business leads (e-mail, phone, physical address, etc.) and training on what exactly you can sell (and how) to local businesses all across the world!

If you're looking to make money without creating your own products or services, you'd probably be interested in being an affiliate for existing offers where you could get paid hundreds to thousands of dollars per sale simply for referring someone to another business. You can be an affiliate for just about anything online, but promoting affiliate offers nowadays is a lot different than what it was years ago. Unlike low paying programs that will only pay you a few dollars per sale, you could now have access to affiliate offers that pay you as much as $1,500 per year for a single referral.

There are two resources below that can really help get you started:

1 — Watch this webinar to see how you can get an existing sales funnel and promote it in a super stealthy way here:

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2 — Or watch this webinar to see how you can get lots of targeted traffic and leads even for affiliate offers without the need for your own site:

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If you're looking to sell your own info products online, it's crucial that you get free traffic both of the following ways: 1) By ranking in search engines like Google. 2) By proactively going out to where your prospects are and reaching out to them instead of waiting for them to come to you. This lets you immediately get leads and make sales without waiting for the search engines. You can learn how to do both of these on a special webinar we did here:

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A mistake that many people make is to only try to sell low priced products or services. Most eventually learn that it's often just as easy to sell a high priced item as a low priced one if you target your prospects well. Keep in mind that 100 sales at $7 a piece makes you far less than 1 sale at $1,000, and quite often times it'll be way easier to make that one sale at $1,000.

Despite how you would rather spend $0 and spend a ton of time figuring it all out yourself, we'd strongly advise you against that. Realize that some people will spend MONTHS trying to figure out what someone else can do in five minutes for a $5 charge. If you don't value your time, it'll be hard for you to get into the entrepreneurial mindset where you'll value and charge more for your time. Plus, you'll be unlikely to get very far nearly as fast as most others.

If you're an offline business, you'll want an online presence to either help drive prospects and sales to your store or to benefit by selling online as well.

If you're selling mostly to other businesses, it's very important not only to be more visible online for them to find you, but also to proactively go out there to businesses by reaching out to them by e-mail, direct mail, calling them, etc.. A lot of businesses that are similar to yours often just wait for prospects to find them instead of actively going out there and contacting them.

Some try to buy old leads that cost a fortune, but results with those usually aren't the best. That's why we put together a state of the art tool that not only gets FREE business leads anywhere in the world, but it even lets you specify what types of businesses you want, what location (down to even a town or postal code if you want), etc., and then pulls up all their information like their name, e-mail, physical address, phone number, website (if they have one), etc., as well as providing you extra information like if they have a Facebook or mobile presence, what their reputation or rankings are like, etc..

If you're interested in learning how to get nearly unlimited free business leads like this, be sure to check out here:

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Alternatively, you could get leads from new domain owners, which would often be brand new businesses you could contact before they're bombarded by offers from everyone else. Watch this video to see how you can get an average of 133,000 new business leads every single day:

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If you're selling mostly to consumers, you want to make sure that not only do you rank well for your prospects to find you, as well as get a presence out there on social media sites like Facebook where they might be hanging out right now, but you also want to proactively reach out to where your prospects are now instead of waiting for them to find you so you can immediately get leads and make sales.

Doing all of these combined is rarely done by most businesses, but it's leaving A LOT of money on the table. For instance, if you're selling massage chairs, you certainly could try to get ranked well and wait for people to find you, but often times there will be TONS of prospects out there online talking about how they need a massage chair, asking questions on them, or giving some indication that they'd be a perfect customer for you, but very few businesses proactively go out there to reach out to them.

We have an entire webinar devoted to a way of doing all of these things quickly and easily, and almost entirely automated for you as well. Be sure to check it out here:

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Regardless of the type of business that you have, you'll want to have a web presence not only by having a site, but also by establishing a social media presence as well. You can find lots of web designers for fairly inexpensive prices by searching the web or checking out classified sites like and then going to the services - computer section. Most websites you can get made for anywhere from $300 to $1,000.

Even though you might be happy with your rankings and leads now, you can always get more rankings and more leads. Even if you have enough for your current business to handle, you can always figure out ways to increase your business or sell extra leads you can't handle to others.

One way you can help increase your rankings, leads, and traffic easily is through a set of tools called WebFire 3.0 that we have. WebFire automates most of the processes to get free traffic and free leads. You can check out a demo of some of the tools inside of WebFire, as well as get some great tips for growing your business more by watching the webinar for it here:

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Most businesses aren't happy with their rankings and current leads, and they could always use more. Many have hired experts in the past to help with rankings and either experience dismal results or are charged a fortune.

Luckily, most don't realize how easy it is to rank sites better and get more prospects and customers. One thing that you can do is make sure that the search terms you want to rank for are mentioned in the title tags of your webpages, at least once or twice in the content of your site, etc.. Another thing you can do is add a schema to your website, which can get you MUCH more exposure online like this:

If you don't know how to do this or don't know what any of these terms like title tags, schemas, etc. mean, no worries! As you can always use tools that help you do all that and more like what you can get here (learn about them and see them in action):

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You're leaving money on the table if you don't have higher priced offers available. You should have a range of offers ranging from low end to high end to maximize your market, but it's especially important to have some higher profit offers.

What's great about having higher priced offers with large margins of profit is that just a few of these sales a month can make a major difference for a lot of businesses, yet many neglect to have these.

It's great that you have higher priced offers currently, but that means that you'll want to take advantage of finding prospects out there that are in need of such products / services.

Most people in your shoes often don't target the higher end offers in their marketing or take the time to proactively find prospects who are already looking to make a purchase.

You can watch a demo that we put together on a webinar here about how to not only help easily rank your website for such offers, but also how to proactively find tons of people who are already looking to buy whatever you want to sell:

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It's recommended that you usually have two to three upsells (if not more in some cases) to maximize the amount of money you can make off of your customers right away. Upsells don't have to be sleazy or anything like that either - you can offer things that complement the initial offer. By making an offer, you'd be surprised at the number of people who might buy.

Upsells can be responsible for two-thirds of your total revenue if done right. That means that if upsells are only a third of your revenue right now, for instance, you could increase your revenue by 50% almost immediately with no additional customers simply by tweaking your upsell path and giving your customers better offers / upsells.

Your total average upsell value is worth less than 50% of your front-end value. That means that you're leaving money on the table.

By improving the average upsell value, you could be making drastically more in your business without even getting any new customers.

It's great that you have some front end products, but the more you have, the more ways you can put people through your system / funnels. We recommend having at least a few different front-end offers eventually.

It's great that you have multiple front end products / offers. However, you should also optimize your upsells and backend offers. Do you currently cross-sell between multiple products? Do you have some as upsells to your other ones? If not, you should definitely do that to maximize the most money you get for every customer who buys from you.

It's great that you have an e-mail list. It's best if you use this list on a regular basis and mail them regularly throughout the week for best results. Many businesses barely e-mail their lists, which just makes them forget you and makes the list get cold.

It's great that you have an e-mail list, but you really need to have a list for BOTH your existing customers and your prospects who aren't your customers yet. This way you can sell more stuff to your best buyers - your customers - and turn your prospects into customers with the other list.

You absolutely need an e-mail autoresponder to build a list of both your existing customers and your prospects. And you need to be e-mailing them on a consistent basis with a mix of quality information and offers from you or affiliates. Since you don't have one yet, you should get one now. We've arranged for a great deal at a great autoresponder through the following link:

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Posting regularly to a blog is a great way to gain more exposure in the search engines like Google and get more traffic and customers. If you don't have a blog or are looking to make additional content sites for more exposure, you can setup a free one at (owned by Google) to get started. However, if you're looking to get more content on a blog of yours but don't have the time to do it yourself, there's a cool artificial intelligence tool that can put content marketing on autopilot for you, which you can check out here:

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Special offers can be huge money makers both with your existing customers as well as with your prospects, but many businesses often don't do them all that well.

The best way to do a special offer is to e-mail your prospects and customers and alert them to a limited time offer that usually should be around 3 days time ending at midnight. When you do that, we've found that the best format is to mail a total of 6 times: once on day one, twice on day two (once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening), and three times on the final day (once in the morning, once in the late afternoon, and once hours before the deal closes). You should warn them that there's "hours left" or "last day" in the subject lines when it gets to the final day. You'll find that you'll get some sales on day one and two, but most of the sales will pour in on day 3, especially as the countdown nears to the end.

To increase sales even more, it's best to use a countdown timer on a special webpage for these offers. There's a handy tool you can use that can automatically make these kinds of countdowns with lots of different looks and options here (the cheapest and best deal out there of its kind):

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Since you said that a lack of traffic, rankings, and/or leads was your biggest problem, you'll want to check out some training and tools we put together that can help anyone solve just that very easily. Watch the training here:

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